2018 Alumni Game

Women's basketball alumnae pose for a photo after their game.

On Saturday, January 20, 2018, the Lynchburg College women's basketball program was honored to hold its eighth-annual Alumni Game. This is one of our program's favorite days of the year, as it brings together both the past and the present of those who wear the Lynchburg women's basketball jersey. The alumni and the current players spent the day together to honor the game they love. This day gives us a chance to celebrate the dedication and commitment of past members to get the program to where it is today, while encouraging and motivating the present student-athletes to continue to take the program to new heights. Because of this, when the current players put on their jersey when it comes game time, they know that they are playing for something much larger than just themselves; they are playing out of respect for the time others have put in before them and to continue building a legacy for others after them.

Following brief introductions from past and present members of the Lynchburg women's basketball program, the alumni game started around 9:30 a.m. The game consisted of a match-up between a mix of "old" and "young" alumni. It was a close game with the home jersey team pulling out a one-point victory! It is always great to see that while bodies may get older, every alumni's competitive spirit is still just as strong. At the conclusion of the game, alumni gathered in the team room to reminisce while enjoying snacks and refreshments. Next, the alumni and their families were invited to stay for the current Lynchburg women's basketball team's ODAC match-up against Randolph-Macon. There is something special and unique about having your alumni cheering in the stands, and it brings an energy unlike any other. Following the game, alumni, players, friends, and family were invited by the Office of Alumni to the Alumni House. This experience allowed past and present players to truly connect alongside their families. While the day brought back together old teammates and friends, it also united multiple generations of players with the current Hornets in the Lynchburg jersey, growing the family and tradition of Lynchburg women's basketball player by player.

Thank you for all that returned home on the 20th and thank you to all of those who thought about us in spirit!

Gail St. Clair '59

Betty Franklin '83

KoKo Otey '85

Clair McCracken '87

Dawn Simmons '97

Erika Whitten '03

Abby Pyzik Smith '04

Mandi Campbell '05

Lori Fletcher '06

Stephanie Howell '07

Caroline Wesley '07

Courtney Brewer '11

Katie Crump '12

Caitlin Falls '12

Becca Speck '12

Caleigh Patterson '14

Lauren Penley '15

Sarah Coronel '17

Charmaine Hairston '17


We look forward to having even more of our alumni family joining us next year.  Below are some highlights from the alumni game that captured some great memories, laughs, and reminiscing. Enjoy! We know that you will continue to follow us…you are with us every step of the way!

Please see the link below for highlights of the game:



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